Google+ is a Wasteland

It's time to conclude my experiment with Google+, because it's a wasteland. One may recall that the most popular articles on Digg were about Digg, and I figured that the same would be true of my post when posted to Google+. That was not the case, as over the past week Google+ referred a whopping two visits to this site. For comparison, Twitter referred about five times that. While at this scale these results are comparable, for a more popular site Twitter should refer traffic that's orders of magnitude greater than the traffic generated by Google+.
If Google+ isn't followed or checked regularly by its users it loses the value of participation. Without engaged users there isn't much to be gained by clicking on my G+ bookmark. That's the downside of relying on a network to provide value; just as quickly as a service gets hot it gets cool.
To cut this short, if you want to find me I'll be on Twitter.