Prometheus: Alien is Born

I saw Prometheus yesterday afternoon, and it was all I hoped it would be and a bit more. The story is well done, but different from the Alien movies. Most of the horror tropes from the Alien series are gone, and instead we're left with the science fiction. The new direction works well, and what's left lets the viewer focus more on Prometheus' theme of humanity. Characters fill some traditional roles from the Alien Quadrilogy, but individuals do not take over the narrative¹. Prometheus is a well written film. Equally important, Prometheus is well shot. There's a distinct sense of space and place throughout the film. I saw the 3D version, and there was no noticeable rotoscoping². It's one of the better 3D movies I've seen. The visual effects were also well done, and they worked to enable the film's science fiction elements quite well. Prometheus ties in with the existing Alien plot line at the beginning as expected. As things fall into place, there's a recognition that what we're looking at now is the same one from the Quadrilogy. It's a that I didn't get from another set of famous prequels. More importantly, it's a new branch of the Alien series. I predict that Prometheus will tie the two narratives together, but that we're going to get a new series to follow. I'm excited for it, especially if Scott keeps his hands on the reins this time.

¹ The opposite effect of any modern Johnny Depp movie.
² The Life of Pi was previewed at the beginning of the movie. Do not see it in 3D. It had distracting rotoscoping with few planes; and many of the scenes shown had fast moving objects and a jerking camera, which combined to prevent the 3D effects from working and gave me headache. I would have to walk out and see it in 2D, the 3D was that bad. Avoid it.