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Mailbox (For Me) is Dead on Arrival



Image from Mailbox


Image from Mailbox

After taking a place in Mailbox’s infamous queue and watching as I progressed upward through the ~800,000 people waiting to use Mailbox I was disappointed to discover that Mailbox cannot work for me. I’ve been piping email from various email addresses into Gmail for some time, and sending email from these alternate addresses is critical. In fact, my address is not an address I use for email at all these days.

When I set up Mailbox last week I was surprised to discover that it insists on using the address as the only address for the account. I tried to avoid having my address associated with Mailbox and signed in to Gmail using my primary alternate address, but Mailbox outsmarted me and used my address anyway.

While Mailbox works with different Gmail accounts, it does not support the alternate email addresses that can be used from a single Gmail account. Until that happens I can’t use Mailbox, and it’s a shame since Mailbox could be the best email client I’ve used.

Fortunately, Mailbox suggests that alias support is coming. That’s good news. But I’m not alone in sending a bunch of addresses’ email to my Gmail inbox, and not being able to send email from those addresses is a nonstarter.