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The Outlet Box

I currently suffer from a dearth of outlets at my desk, and I was tired of searching for an outlet every time batteries for my camera, mouse, or keyboard needed to be charged. I happened upon some instructions to make a desktop power outlet, decided it looked like a good idea, and ordered the following to get started on my own:

The rest I picked up at the local hardware store, except this piece of curly koa, which was hiding out in the shop.



The koa was re-sawn and ripped to make a veneer and then attached to a cherry base to give an appropriate width. Then the outlet box was measured and the wood was cut to size for each of the five pieces (sides and back). The sides are continuous, so the the light sapwood wraps around the front of the box. Edges were mitered and the box glued together. The UL-approved outlet box slides inside, and I wired it up using the included instructions, yielding the finished box. It works quite well and looks good sitting on my desk.